Nearly 500 runners and their supporters visited Cartmel on 21 March from as far afield as Southampton, Edinburgh and Germany as well as local runners, to enjoy a run around our beautiful valley, in what is hoped to be the first of an annual event. The Ultimate Trails motto is “Inspiring Races in Beautiful Places” and appropriately the 12 km and 16 km routes passed through the proposed Stribers Wind Farm site, which is indeed a beautiful place. This professionally organised event attracted visitors to our area to enjoy the unspoilt nature of Cartmel peninsula. We wanted to let visitors know about our STOP campaign but were careful not to spoil their enjoyment. Many STOP supporters throughout the valley offered to put up our new display boards (which were taken down at the end of the day). STOP volunteers were also available in Cartmel to talk to interested people about the Stribers Wind Farm proposal and found many concerned visitors and locals. About 90 signed up on the day to support the campaign. Runners who talked to us before their runs about the proposal and weren’t convinced about our campaign, returned to us immediately after their run to sign up as they couldn’t believe anyone would plan such a development on such an unspoilt site.

MP Tim Farron who ran in the 16 km race is seen here on Ellerside with one of our placards.

Contributed by Lyn Prescott, STOP Action Group

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On March 5th, the STOP campaign committee hosted a meeting of Cartmel/Cartmel Valley based businesses to ensure they were fully aware of and up to date with the proposed Stribers Wind Farm development. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss and highlight the potential negative impact such a development would have on the local tourist industry and local economy and what businesses could do to support and help the STOP campaign.

The meeting was chaired by Canon Robert Bailey and was held in Cartmel Village Hall. Around half of the over 50 invited businesses were represented at the meeting. Those businesses which could not send a representative to the meeting sent messages of support for the STOP campaign. Such a level of interest in and support for the campaign demonstrates the very real concerns local businesses have about this development, particularly as most of the businesses concerned are so dependent on tourists visiting the area and contributing to its local economy.

Cumbria County Councillors, Ted Walsh and Bill Wearing and SLDC District Councillor, Mary Wilson, also attended the meeting. The Development Director of Cumbria Tourism Richard Greenwood was also in attendance, reflecting the concerns this organisation has with this type of development on such a site.

The overall message from the meeting was that Cartmel and the immediate area could not risk having the "disappointed tourist" syndrome thrust upon it by this unwelcome development.

Contributed by Jane Toffolo, STOP Action Group



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